Frontier makes all incoming students complete an online course call BT101, or Banyon Tree 101. This course is designed to get new students aquainted with the online learning format, and introduce us to the various apps we will use to complete our work.

I sat down to get started on BT101 today. It’s an ungraded assignment that takes 7-9 hours to complete. I completed the first module which covered the app called Canvas in about two hours. This first module is said to be the longest one.

The first module was a series of short readings accompanied by short videos on how to upload assignments and communicate with your peers through the app. To be honest, if you just watch the short videos on each page, you do not need to read that whole page because the information is mostly the same.

All modules have to be completed by the first day of class. I’m planning to chip away slowly at the remaining seven modules with hopes of finishing in the next two weeks. Classes start 10/7, so this gives me plenty of time.

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