Black Maternal Health Fair – Meet the Team

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Now in her second year of organizing the Black Maternal Health Fair, Crystal is excited to bring Philadelphia a bigger and more empowering event. Crystal is a mother, a labor and delivery nurse, and a student midwife.

Crystal Hawkins, BSN, BA, RN

Candace is a creative individual who strives to make her community a safe and expressive environment where individuals do not feel inadequate or stigmatized to the societal norms. She brings 7 plus intensive years in mental health and numerous years  with birth work. After having her baby at the of 18, she found her passion in becoming a doula and helping black women and teens find their voice and create their own birth story. Her mission is bring forth a community where people can advocate for themselves with effective and sustainable interventions, resources, and evidence based research that is going to uplift the community. 

Candace Shillingford, MSW

Dr. Peterson is a women’s health advocate with a focus in perinatal mental health issues and support services provided by community health workers, doulas and breastfeeding peer counselors. She is a member of the Birth Equity Leadership Academy (BELA) through HealthConnect One and a board member of The National Association to Advance Black Birth. Dr. Peterson is the founder of the Philadelphia Birth Equity Project, an organization developed to address disparities in maternal and child health in the city of Philadelphia. She also volunteers with the Maternity Care Coalition and is a member of the Breastfeeding Task Force here in the city.

Faith Peterson, MD, CLC

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